Medical Tourism

The Andreas Skarparis Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic was one of the pioneer centers in Cyprus which promoted medical tourism in the island. Dr. Skarparis has been treating international patients mainly for cosmetic surgery since 2001 and has performed a vast number of cosmetic procedures. More than 50% of his cosmetic patients are coming from abroad mainly from the UK.  He was formally the leading surgeon of Burford Medical (Koolwick).  The patients are combining surgery of the highest standards and recovery in idyllic settings with an all year round wonderful weather. The staff are highly trained multilingual professionals with a warm approach and dedicated to offering the best personal care.

Patients always merit the excellent care they receive in the clinic and many of them tend to return for additional surgeries and non-invasive treatments. Although usual there is significant price advantage over cosmetic surgery in other countries, the cost is not a motivation for patients choosing to come to the clinic for their treatments.

Except the high satisfaction rate and excellent outcomes Dr. Andreas Skarparis provides to his patients, patients appreciate the confidentiality and advantages of being away from their day-to-day lives, giving the opportunity to rest and recover following surgery. Your safety, satisfaction and a smooth uncomplicated recovery are the priorities of Dr. Andreas Skarparis.

Dr. Skarparis offers preoperative and postoperative consultations in the UK on a monthly basis, so there is a continuation of postoperative care in the UK upon you leave Cyprus. He requires a minimum stay of days after the surgery (depends on the procedure). During that period Dr. Skarparis will make sure you have a smooth recovery and himself and his personnel will make the best to satisfy your needs.

The clinic offers travel packages according to your needs and can organize everything for you so you have peace of mind throughout your stay. Or you can organize the travel by yourself if you wish to do so.


To some Cyprus is an old favourite; to others making a first visit, it’s a delightful discovery, with fantastic weather, stunning scenery and glorious beaches. English and Russian is widely spoken.  Cyprus is one of the more sophisticated locations in the Mediterranean, attracting over 2.7 million visitors from all over the world, who come not only for the sunshine but also to see it’s many historic sights and experience the culture of the island. The remnants of many past civilizations can be seen here, while nature-lovers can delight in the islands beauty, from the varied scenery of its coastline to the pine-clad hills of the interior.

With its friendly atmosphere, mix of cultures and variety of lifestyles this beautiful destination has all the ingredients of a fantastic and memorable visit for everyone.


The city boasts large number of hotels of different categories. Bookings for accommodation can be arranged through our secretarial office. Information for accommodation can be sent to you on request.

Larnaca Airport Glafcos Clerides

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Larnaca City View

Larnaca Medieval Castle on the Beach

Larnaca Church of Saint Lazarus

Larnaca Salt Lake - Flamingo

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