Cryolipolysis – Fat Reduction

Clatuu 360° Fat Freezing

The Clatuu 360° Fat Freezing device uses the latest technology and innovations in Cryo-Fat Lipolysis ( 360° degrees fat freezing ) to deliver amazing results and efficient treatment in comparison with other fat freezing devices. As fat cells are exposed to cold they can be selectively and permanently destroyed. The sub-zero temperatures ( -9 degrees ) cause the fat cells to die. The cells are then absorbed and they are flushed away by the body over the next 2-3 months leaving the patient slimmer. It’s suitable for patients with topical fat. Usually 1-2 treatments are enough to achieve the desired result.

The treatment is comfortable, there is no pain throughout the treatment. After the completion of treatment the patient may feel discomfort or minor pain at the treated area that lasts for few minutes, as the treated area starts to warm up. A 30-40 percent reduction of the treated area is achievable from the first treatment. Dr. Andreas Skarparis will evaluate the areas that needs to be treated and design the treatment to the individual, so you can have maximum result in body contouring. With the Clatuu 360° Fat Freezing technology you can improve your body without surgery. Is a permanent solution for the areas with stubborn fat you can not loose with diet. This treatment is the alternative to Liposuction.

cyplasticsurgeryCryolipolysis – Fat Reduction