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Volumetric Rejuvenation of the Face with HA Fillers

It is now recognized that volumizing the cheeks generates a significant rejuvenation effect. With the passage of time, the facial triangle of a young face where the apex is at the chin gets reversed, and the volume that was once on the mid-face moves down reversing the orientation of this triangle of youth. Time affects facial aging, cellular and anatomical changes resulting in the consequential loss of soft tissue volume. Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers provides an effective, non-invasive alternative for correction of the contour defects of the face due to its enormous ability to bind water and easiness of implantation. By volumizing the check, not only is the nasolabial fold corrected, but also an overall facial rejuvenation is achieved. The face looks younger and plumped. This procedure requires minimal down time.

cyplasticsurgeryVolumetric Rejuvenation of the Face with HA Fillers