Thread lift is an effective, non-invasive, scar-free, revolutionary procedure with impressive lifting effects on sagging facial or body skin. It is the right treatment for mild and moderate cases of facial aging. If you are noticing early signs of aging, such as slight sagging of facial and neck skin or lines and wrinkles that don’t require cosmetic surgery (Face Lift), and seek a minimally invasive option that offers a lifted, toned and tightened result, then you are the perfect candidate for a Thread Face Lifting. Depending on the area of concern, Thread Face Lifting procedure can be performed by using PDO Mono Thread technology – for facial skin restoration and rejuvenation – or using immediate lifting COG Threads.

COG threads are essentially Mono threads with barbs to hook to underneath of the skin. The barbs form a support layer that lifts the sagging tissue. Unlike Mono threads, COG threads do not require anchoring points. Collagen formation can also appear around the threads and their barbs. COG threads are most beneficial for middle and lower parts of the face.

Dr. Andreas Skarparis is trained in implementing the highest standards and advanced techniques. The outpatient, minimally invasive face lifting technique uses only European CE-certified PDO and COG Threads, proven safe for medical use.

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