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The Holistic Approach to Facial Rejuvenation and Beautification of the Face

Time constantly leaves its marks on our faces. Wrinkles appear, the skin becomes sagging, the contour of the face changes due to the atrophy of the tissues (loss of fat). Even the bone skeleton changes (bone absorption) and this has a great impact at the overall appearance of the face as the tissues of the face loose their support. Being a plastic surgeon and dealing with facial ageing for many years, I saw and incorporate a lot of innovations in my surgical techniques and especially in the non-surgical treatments (Botox, Fillers etc.), constantly improving my skills and the way I see and treat patients today. Seeing the number of non-surgical procedures of last year and comparing the number of treatments with Botox and the number of treatments with Hyaluronic Acid, suggests that many doctors, are failing to see the ‘bigger picture’. Doctors are still preoccupied with the correction of facial lines and wrinkles, especially at the upper third of the face, rather than the shape and proportions, involving the face at its whole. While treatments with Botox lead to an overall improvement, sometimes there can be a mismatch between the treated area and the rest of the face.

An holistic approach involving the use of Injectables, is necessary, for achieving a pleasing aesthetic result. Nowadays we can restore the ideal facial shape, restore the lost volume and beautify the face, mainly with the use of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers. It is important, the treating doctor to have a deep knowledge of the anatomy of the face, to understand the ageing process and the relation between the different components of the face in particular, the eyebrows, zygomatic arches (cheek bones) and chin. These key player areas have an interrelated dynamic relation, where treating one, affect the appearance of the others. Ultimately is the skill of the doctor which will exploit these dynamics, to achieve an excellent aesthetic result.

As a plastic surgeon my goal is to beautify the face, make it look younger, having a physical and pleasing appearance. This is what the patients really want. By treating different areas of the face with small quantities of fillers (even in areas that initially did not bother the patients or never thought to correct) we can achieve dramatic improvement and beautification of the face. So after a careful study of the face, planning the treatment and mapping the face, the face is injected with the appropriate product of Hyaluronic Acid for the particular area.

Is an almost a pain free procedure, causes minimal swelling, giving immediate visible results and the patient can continue her or his activities. The patient after having a correction which will address the face at its whole, will look much younger, without having the sad look of ageing and most importantly it will not be noticeable that there was any intervention.

cyplasticsurgeryThe Holistic Approach to Facial Rejuvenation and Beautification of the Face